The agritourism was part of an old estate of the family Giaquili Ferrini from Florence. The name “Pian del Noce” derives from a magnificent walnut-tree (juglans regia) in the plain overlooking the stream Turbone on the border with the village of Scansano.

In the course of the years many plants have been planted near this noble and solitary tree. Today the orchard is about 18 hectares. We also grow wheat, lucerne and vegetables as artichokes, pumpkins, tomatoes and green plants.

We have about 50 olive trees, which produce a fragrant extra virgin olive oil and over three hectares of vineyard, whose grapes produce the famous wine D.O.C. Morellino di Scansano.

Our farm has decided to follow the organic farming for over 15 years, in order to produce only genuine products, preserving the environment.

We would like to convey our guests our enthusiasm and traditional values and create a connection between city and country. We have been among the first ones in Tuscany to install a photovoltaic system in order to boost the renewable energy sources.