When you arrive at Pian del Noce, you will have the impression to have reached a haven of peace, where the time passes slowly (especially if you come from the frantic pace of a city).

Follow the natural rhythm of day, night and seasons. No wonder, if you fall into a refreshing sleep… and this is only the first step to recharging your batteries! Then you have the possibility to choose among the innumerable activities, according to your desires and habits.

You can enjoy the view with expanses of cultivated fields and hedges, woods of Turkey oak, sessile oak and holm oak, the old sulphur mines of Poggio Delci, Antimonio and Cinabro of Cerreto Piano, on the horizon the slopes of Amiata Mount, the villages Montemerano, Saturnia and Manciano. At night, when the sky is clear, it is possible to admire a lot of stars, thanks to the low light pollution of this uncontaminated part of Maremma.

You can relax in the silence of the countryside, lying on a deck chair. The sportsmen can go for a walk without taking their car: in about 10 minutes you can walk through a nice oak wood and reach our private pond.
Here you can lie on the wharf and listen to the sound of the spring water, sail the row-boat, fish carps and eels, dive in for a refreshing bath.
You can walk to the ruins of the ancient roman villa “Aia Nova” in about 30 minutes.

It was a settlement of the 1st century b.C.-1st century a. C. , where a noble Romanized Etruscan family, Anili, lived with their servants for six months (They dwelt in Ostia the rest of the year). Their main activity was the antimony mining from the near mine, which is clearly visible from our agritourism. Today it is possible to see the sacrificial temple with the marble base, the calidarium, the floorings and the outer walls.

Going on for five minutes, you can reach “Podere Novo”, a biodynamic farm that sells the public sheep’s and cow’s milk cheese.

For the lovers of the mountain-bike there are many itineraries on roads without cars.
You can obtain further information on the itineraries on your arrival.
We advise you to visit Pereta, the medieval village 3 Km from our agritourism, which is still well-preserved: the old town, the village of Aldobrandeschi in the upper part, surrounded by buildings, used also as defensive walls, the characteristic tower of the fifteenth-century, 29 meters high (the highest tower in the whole Maremma of Grosseto).

It is worth to see the church of St. Giovanni Battista, built in 1200, with its beautiful and multicoloured stones of the region (sandstone) and its decorations of Baroque and Neoclassic age.

The little church Santa Maria, made of serena stone, is a small jewel of the Renaissance architecture.

After visiting the village and enjoying the wonderful view from the various places, you can taste the specialities of the region in one of the two restaurants. In about 30-35 minutes from our agritourism you can reach other charming destinations as the sulphurous Saturnia spa, the nature park of Maremma, Argentario coast, the islands Capalbio and Giardino dei Tarocchi, medieval villages as Scansano, Magliano in Toscana, Pitigliano, Orbetello with its Spanish buildings of the 16th century, the lagoon and its water-fowls, the nature parks of Burano, Patanella, Feniglia and Ansedonia, the ancient village of Cosa. We will be glad to give you all the information you need to meet your requirements. At your disposal, there are also maps and illustrated brochures.